F A Q’s

These are the questions we get most often.

Q: Is there a public access nearby where I can launch my boat and can I park it at your dock?
A: There is a public access at Pope’s Marina and yes you can tie it up at our dock as long as you call ahead to make sure it is open. Pope’s Marina has a $10 launch fee.

Q: Your address is not Lake of the Ozarks where are you?
A: Lake of the Ozarks is a huge man-made lake formed when the dam was installed.
The Lake of the Ozarks area comprises 1150 miles of shoreline. Rocky Mount is on the north side of the lake 4 miles West of the dam.

Q: Can I bring my pet?
A: Unfortunately we do not accept pets.

Q: Is it hot there?
A: Our weather is variable like anywhere else. Interestingly, storms seem to split when they come in our direction and we get few major storms here.

Q: What if I don’t like the food?
A: Todd is a great cook and upon arrival will ask you if there are things that you do not like or cannot have.
Breakfast is an adventure here and you will be surprised every morning with fresh juice, fruit and our special coffee on the deck along with a morning entree that is exceptional.

Q: I need fast internet service do you have it?
A: We have the fastest wireless internet service available just like you do at home and connection to it is easy.

Q: Is there a Starbucks nearby?
A: Yes, it is 13 miles away near the target store and major retailers you are familiar with.
We think you will find our coffee has a distinctive flavor to it and it is available when you are.
Grab a carafe from our well appointed kitchen out to the deck and enjoy it while reading a book or watching the sun spread its golden rays across the lake.

Q: Are there mosquitoes?
A: We do everything environmentally possible to keep bugs and mosquitoes from interfering with your enjoyment.
Todd uses a leaf blower to shoo any insects away as necessary.
We do recommend having bug spray and sunscreen nearby when you are on the patio or the deck in the evening.

Q: Does it get hot on the patio?
A: The patio faces south and has a roof overhead to keep the hot summer sun at bay.
In mid-summer the patio is cool to the touch.
In mid-winter it is warm enough to sit outdoors wearing sweat pants and a shirt while people across the lake are wearing heavy winter jackets.

Q: Is it really as pretty as it looks in the pictures?
A: While we think we took the best photos possible, they don’t do justice to the outstanding views of the lake from your room and the patio.
You will be amazed from the moment you walk in the door at our living room, kitchen, play room with pool table and large screen television and of course your bedroom.

Q: Are you open year-round?
A: Yes, we live here and have guests all year. Guests arrive in the Fall from all over the world to see the gorgeous colors of the trees. Book a room early to  be sure you don’t miss it. In Winter people come here to enjoy the sun while reading a book on the deck.

We would love to see you. Please contact us if you have any more questions.