Gourmet Breakfast

At The Garden House Bed and Breakfast we serve a breakfast you won’t soon forget.
Many of our previous guests return year after year because we make breakfast a special treat.

Enjoy a gourmet breakfast served on your schedule on your private patio.
When you check in we will will ask what you like, don’t care for and cannot have.
Your specially created main entree will be delivered to your table when you are ready.
Breakfast includes fresh orange juice, coffee and fruit.
For early risers, specialty coffee is available in our kitchen twenty-four hours a day.
Take a carafe with you to your private patio and enjoy the sunrise or sip our unique brew while reading a book.

Gourmet breakfast with an amazing view.

Tasty homemade omelets with sausage.
Made to order with a variety of choices.

French Toast
Fluffy French toast with fresh fruit.

Served hot on the patio with juice and coffee.

A delicious way to start your day!

Mediterranean Breakfast Pie.  
Made with phyllo dough, puff pastry’s Greek cousin.
A treat for your taste buds.